See how 7 simple steps — taught online —
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Stress doesn’t come from life directly. It comes from your thoughts about life.

covid. political polarization. racial strife...

Disruption is constant, and for most people it’s taking a toll.

The Resilience Academy is based on a simple but revolutionary premise: Stress doesn’t come from life directly. It comes from your thoughts about life.

On this site, you learn a new way to think — about relationships, body image, discrimination, social change, and more — with no jargon, stigma, or “touchy-feeliness.”

It’s not therapy or meditation (although it can complement both). It’s a simple 7-step technique that “flips a switch” in how you think, without your saying a word.

The result is greater peace of mind, and a renewed ability to lead change.

Experience this new approach for yourself.

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When Resilience Academy founder Andy Bernstein was a teenager, his father and little sister died unexpectedly. Andy spent much of the next 20 years exploring self-help tools, including three years working closely with bestselling author Byron Katie.

In 2004, Andy created a new 7-step process called Active Insight™ that makes real breakthroughs simpler. Since then, he’s taught this at dozens of Fortune 500 companies, helping thousands of leaders live happier lives.

Now this toolkit is available online so it can help you.


The history of stress, and how the father of the stress concept made a fundamental mistake

Where stress really comes from, and why there is no such thing as a stressor

A 7-step process called Active Insight™ that quickly flips a switch in how you think, feel, and act

How this process can help you transform challenges — from relationships to parenting to broad social change — with no stigma.

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Breaking the Stress Cycle
is out in a new edition.

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This isn’t therapy or motivation. You  don’t say a word, but can have a real  breakthrough just by following the  virtual audio and video lessons.

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With your head clear, you can lead  change in your relationships, with  your family, at work — a clear mind  is a powerful force for change.

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Then you get to experience the 7-step Active Insight™ process for yourself, having an eye-opening breakthrough without saying a word. Try it for yourself today.

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