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“An excellent introduction to resiliency. If practiced well, it can tremendously reduce the burden of stress at work and home.”


“A clear, concise way to deal with challenges, with practical applications and immediate results.”


“Groundbreaking. This was the first time I’ve been given a logical, step-by-step process to change without it being intimidating or New Agey.”


Meet Your New Resilience Coach

Andy Bernstein first became interested in resilience as a teenager, when his father and little sister died unexpectedly.

Andy has since become one of the corporate world’s most highly-rated speakers, with a process that has helped thousands of people break through challenges faster at work and at home.

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Author, executive coach, and Resilience Academy founder, Andrew Bernstein

How the Resilience Academy Works

This site helps people become better versions of themselves. Here’s how it works:


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Common Questions

This approach has been embraced by therapists, especially cognitive therapists, but this is a lay process that anyone can learn and use to live a happier life.

A 7-step guided worksheet provokes a shift in how you see a problem. This changes how you think, how you feel, and how you act (including how you talk to others about how they act).

No. You don’t try to stop your thinking, watch your thinking, or choose new thinking. Instead, you challenge your current thinking head-on in a very specific and unusual way. For people who are open-minded, it leads to a surprising shift in mindset in just a few minutes.

This site makes real breakthroughs accessible online. You don’t go anywhere. You don’t say anything. You just log in, go through the coaching steps, and experience a breakthrough. This can help millions of people transform challenges with no stigma and at minimal cost.

Families can join together online and receive a significant discount. For programs tailored to organizations, contact our speaker’s bureau.

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