Andy Bernstein

Is there a best practice for dealing with challenges in life? Andy Bernstein first asked this question as a teenager when his father and little sister died unexpectedly.

Determined to find answers, Andy spent years exploring many different processes, including three years working closely with self-help pioneer Byron Katie.

In 2004, Andy created a new 7-step process that has been embraced by thousands of people because it’s smart, it’s not “touchy-feely,” and it quickly improves relationships, family conflict, workplace challenges, social change, and more.

Since 2007, Andy has taught regularly at Wharton Executive Education as well as at dozens of Fortune 500 companies and nonprofits. He has a special focus within wealth management, helping top advisors and the families they serve.

Andy is the author of The Myth of Stress (retitled Breaking the Stress Cycle in 2021), and the founder of the Resilience Academy.

Fun facts: Andy is an identical twin, he used to write for the Muppets, and he has been eating “paleo” since 1997.

Andy lives in New York City with his wife and two young kids.

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Now Out In a New Edition


“This book is a masterful guide to rethinking the so-called stressors in your life.  I’ve never read a more useful book about managing stress — I’ve made it required reading for some of the people who matter most to me.”


~Adam Grant, #1 New York Times bestselling author of THINK AGAIN and host of the TED podcast WorkLife



“Bernstein’s volume is an outstanding guide to understanding the nature of stress and how to handle it. The book provides numerous insights and techniques for anyone experiencing stress — and who doesn’t?”

-Aaron T. Beck, M.D., founder of Cognitive Therapy

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