The Resilience Academy
Two thousand years ago, Greek philosophers taught people how to live happier lives and change the world around them by learning to think in a very specific way.

We teach something similar. The Resilience Academy takes a powerful 7-step cognitive technique called ActivInsight and makes it available online anywhere in the world.

On an individual level, this means that people struggling with relationships, family conflict, money and success, weight loss, discrimination, cancer, work-life balance, and much more have a convenient, affordable, stigma-free way to experience faster breakthroughs and greater peace of mind.

And on a broader level, if you’re trying to change a family, a team, an organization, or a culture, this platform gives you a way to produce massive, scalable change without anyone feeling targeted, singled out, or blamed.

Thousands of people can each log on privately, transform how they see their challenges, experience greater empathy, insight, and accountability, and then lead change. It’s like putting a resilience coach in every single person’s life no matter where they are or when they need it, all giving highly personalized, step-by-step guidance at the same time. Nothing else like this exists in the self-help/organizational change marketplace.

Don't take our word for it. Try it for free and see for yourself why so many others have found this process "eye-opening" and "profoundly helpful"