About Andrew Bernstein

Andrew Bernstein first became interested in resilience as a teenager when his father and little sister died unexpectedly.

Seeking answers, he explored philosophy, psychology, and other approaches to gaining insight. After graduating from Johns Hopkins, he began a Ph.D. in literature, but then additional personal challenges arose and Andy lost interest in academia. He dropped out of graduate school, moved to a national park in Maine, and got a dog. Andy often jokes that "When overwhelmed some people go postal. I went Thoreau."

During these Thoreau years, Andy became passionate about self-help, trying many processes. Eventually living in Los Angeles and working as a screenwriter for the Muppets, Andy met self-help pioneer Byron Katie and loved what she was doing. He became one of the directors of her company, intending to spend his life helping people learn about her work. But when his friends and family didn't quite grasp what Katie's work was about, Andy had a vision for another way of helping people gain insight. So he left her company in 2004 and created a new process — called ActivInsight — that distills the essence of having a breakthrough into seven simple steps.

This has become one of the business world’s most popular resilience programs because it radically changes the way people approach personal and professional challenges, yet does it with no jargon, stigma, or "touchy-feeliness." Andy's work has been embraced by thousands of leaders at companies like Merrill Lynch, GE, Coca-Cola, UBS, Raymond James, Google, and many others, including non-profits and schools.

The Resilience Academy makes the same life-changing content available online so that anyone can learn to have meaningful insights and turn friction in their life into greater flow.