Our Work for Organizations

Most organizations are good at identifying what they want to change, but getting there isn't easy because people resist change. We offer a new approach that turns this resistance on its head.

The Art of Insight

First, we help you see that behaviors aren't the best focal point for change initiatives because they are only symptoms of something deeper. The real target is mindset. How do you change mindset? You don't do it through lecturing people about the importance of change. Instead, we find the friction in people's minds and help them turn this into flow.

Transforming Friction into Flow

Friction is the resistance between one's beliefs and reality. We created a simple tool that helps people resolve this friction so they are more aligned with each other, with the organization, and with the world they live in. It works with people instead of against them. And because it has immediate value at home as well, people love it.

Harness the Power of Teams

We deliver general leadership development sessions and keynotes, but for organizations serious about building a high-performance culture, the fastest way is to harness the power of intact teams. This is a shortcut to deeper trust, greater alignment, and team-wide accountability. To learn more about our programs and explore how we might help your organization, contact us.

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