Our Work within Wealth Management

The wealth management landscape is rapidly changing to a focus on deeper client relationships. As a result, advisors need to learn new "softer" skills and evolve in unanticipated ways. We help make this evolution more successful.

Turn Roadblocks into Roads

The great Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius once commented that the human mind, when trained properly, turns roadblocks into roads. We help advisors do this by changing the way they think about challenges. Our resilience program is consistently one of the highest rated sessions — even among skeptical Type A advisors — because it's practical and engaging, and it applies just as much to roadblocks at home as at the office.

Build the 21st Century Advisor

With the amount of change taking place — the DOL, client demographics, firm initiatives, team dynamics, not to mention the personal challenges of relationships and getting older while growing a business — wealth management professionals have never had to handle so much. If you stay still, you fall behind. We created a process that helps advisors keep moving forward. This process also delivers real value to clients to help them deal with challenges in their lives, which in the age of robo advisors is an important differentiator.

How to Make an Impact

A typical day for us can look like an introductory resilience session for the entire complex, followed by private sessions for top teams to help them improve team flow, and capped off with a client event in the evening. We work with the industry's best asset management firms for sponsorship, and we have a follow-up program that helps our results stick. To learn more and discuss your particular needs, contact us.

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