A New Playbook Helps Top Advisors Be More Indispensable
to Clients

America is polarized. Families are strained. A new program helps you deliver meaningful emotional value to clients and deepen relationships faster, especially with Next Gen.

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The most important bonds don’t come from the Treasury

Helping families invest in well-being deepens their loyalty and also gives you a genuine, non-salesy way to gain introductions to their networks.

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Client Feedback

The three sessions we programmed were extraordinarily successful. Andy was able to quickly and easily engage leaders, which can be very difficult given our skeptical culture. A Tier 1 leader who is VERY tough with huge time demands stayed for the entire session and made a point to let Andy know that he did a great job. The evaluations are overwhelmingly positive and demonstrate that people were able to learn how to utilize the process and make positive shifts in their thinking/ experience in just a couple of hours. Andy is clearly a rock star instructor who cares deeply about giving people practical tools to improve the quality of their lives.
– Wells Fargo
An excellent introduction to resiliency. If practiced well, it can tremendously reduce the burden of stress at work and home.
– Johnson & Johnson
Eye-opening. It’s quite different from other training programs because this is more than just accepting that I can’t change my surroundings. Instead it changes my perspective. Very positive.
– Genentech
A clear, concise way to deal with challenges, with practical applications and immediate results.
– Coca-Cola
Year after year, Andy Bernstein’s sessions are among the top requested and top scoring sessions at the Securities Industry Institute. Andy’s approach and tools to managing challenging situations are relevant both personally and professionally and attendees leave with actionable takeaways and a changed mindset. It is always a pleasure to read the attendee evaluations from his sessions and see what an impact he had on them in 90 minutes, and Andy is always listed as one of the favorite faculty members of the program.
– Securities Industry Institute
This is the exact direction I’m trying to go with my practice. Every financial advisor today needs this framework and toolkit. Very helpful.
– Raymond James
Most impactful session I’ve ever had. I look forward to a life of using these tools.
Enormously positive, useful, tangible ways of thinking differently, and real ways of solving differences. I feel much more wise at work already. Wishing I had done this when I began my career.
– Citi
Eye-opening on changing your perspective when dealing with tough issues and solving them.
– Merrill Lynch
Groundbreaking. This was the first time I’ve been given a logical, step-by-step process to get from the beginning point to the end point of changed awareness without being intimidating or too New Agey.
– 21st Century Fox
This was by far the most useful, provocative, and fascinating seminar I have ever participated in. It’s not nonsense, it’s not a Band-Aid, it’s just smart, tangible, and something that can be implemented across the board.
– Ogilvy
An enlightening experience that gave us a new tool to manage work/life responsibilities. It’s a great technique I would recommend to other organizations committed to helping their employees be more productive and balanced.
– Patagonia
Andrew Bernstein was a fantastic addition to our Learning Year Calendar. His presentation was captivating, eye-opening, and thought-provoking. I highly recommend his presentation for business leaders, to family members, or anyone looking to live a happier, healthier life!
– YPO Chapter Learning Officer
Wonderful, very insightful with real life applications. Very helpful tool to start building psychological safety at work.
– Charles Schwab
Exceptional. Should be required for everyone. This is one of the most actionable and valuable approaches in my 50+ year lifetime.
– Vanguard

How the Program Works

This program helps top advisors deepen client relationships and turn well-being into a “referral engine.” Here’s how:

  • First you learn: You watch short videos on well-being, learning what matters most for increasing it. This trains you for deeper client connections. It also gives you and your whole team a well-being tune-up.
  • You host a virtual client event: Here’s a sample video invitation. Clients will find the event eye-opening, meaningful, and practical, deepening their relationship with you. They will wish they could have invited others.
  • You follow-up: You send attendees a book and follow-up. Typically, 80% will say they wished their spouse, children, and other loved ones had attended too.
  • You host a second virtual event: Clients invite their kids. COIs invite their clients. You get to deliver another wave of emotional impact.
  • You follow-up again: You send more books, and now have new relationships with your clients’ kids and networks, without being salesy. This is the power of creating a referral engine around well-being, not money.

To learn more about the program, watch the video below.

Don’t sit on the sidelines. Advisors who show up emotionally will win.

Covid and polarization have taken an enormous toll on well-being, but they have also opened a special door for advisors:

1. Everybody now recognizes the need for greater well-being — UHNW, Next Gen, entrepreneurs, institutional clients, COIs. Everybody.
2. Everybody now also knows how to use a webinar
3. You now have a special chance to deliver non-financial value to Next Gen and beyond, across the entire country, in a way that brands you as a different kind of advisor

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Meet Your Well-Being Coach

Andy Bernstein is the author of The Myth of Stress/Breaking the Stress Cycle and the founder of the Resilience Academy. He has taught regularly at Wharton Executive Education since 2007, where his resilience programs for financial services leaders are audience favorites year after year.

Andy also has a special focus within wealth management. Many of the industry’s top advisors have used his tools to improve their teams, their families, and their clients’ lives.

The new Indispensable Advisor program helps top advisors adapt faster to a changing world and deliver extraordinary non-financial value to clients and prospects, partners and associates, and their own families.

Andy Bernstein

What does E.F. Hutton say? Nothing.

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Client Event Options

Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

No. There are therapists who use this tool (Aaron Beck, the founder of CBT, strongly endorsed Andy’s book on stress), but this is a lay process that can help anyone open-minded live a happier life.

They don’t make a lot of sense out of context. The best way to answer this is to try it for yourself. But if you insist on an answer, the steps help you take something you are angry or upset about, distill it down to a single statement like, “They should appreciate me more,” and then see that from a different perspective. The key to breakthroughs is this 180-degree shift in perspective. These 7 steps make that shift simple and practical.

No. You watch videos and follow along on screen. You don’t say a word.

No. You’re going to watch short, engaging videos that teach you a different way to understand stress, and then demonstrate how this process works. Then you’re going to do it for yourself using an interactive training site. You don’t speak, and no one watches. You just move your mind in a very specific way, and it produces an insight or breakthrough. Then you review what happened (again, by watching a video). But really the best way to understand it is to try it.

If you find the process useful and you want to go further, you can join the Resilience Academy and learn how to apply this to relationships, marriage, family dynamics, parenting, health challenges, social change, and more. There’s a lot more coaching and training online, broken down by levels, so you take on harder challenges as you get better. All of it is available without your saying anything or going anywhere.

What happens when you try to change people’s behaviors but leave the same thinking in place? They go back to their old behaviors. We sincerely share your interest in external changes. We believe that focusing on internal changes in how people think is a more reliable way to get there.

You should try it first. Then, instead of trying to fix them, you can approach them respectfully and see if they might be open to trying it too. And we always appreciate when people share this through word of mouth and social media.

The Indispensable Advisor

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