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The Resilience Academy’s first course — “Breaking the Stress Cycle” — is free, and will show you:

  • how the modern stress concept was built on the work of one man — and why he was fundamentally wrong
  • where stress really comes from — and why there is no such thing as a stressor
  • how a simple 7-step process can permanently change the way you deal with challenges in life, with no stigma or “touchy-feeliness”

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“Life has gotten harder. Disruption is almost constant. How can I deal with it all more effectively?”

We all face challenges, or what I like to call “crucibles” — adverse experiences that make or break us as partners, parents, leaders, and human beings.

The Resilience Academy can change the way you deal with crucibles, and it starts with a new understanding of stress.

Instead of just reading about it, you get to try it firsthand, guided by interactive videos that are engaging, private, and convenient.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to see how this toolkit that has helped thousands of others can help you.

Andy Bernstein
Founder, Resilience Academy