Resilience Training

According to the longest-running study of human happiness, one of the most important things for living a happy life is having a process that helps you overcome challenges effectively. That's what this site is designed to teach you.

The Art of Insight

Based on setbacks in his own life, Andrew Bernstein created a new technique that helps people break through challenges more easily. For years this was available only through Andrew's groundbreaking book, The Myth of Stress, and his corporate training sessions. Now the Resilience Academy makes it available online worldwide.

Making Transformation Accessible

The site is designed to make real transformation much more accessible. The Training Modules teach you in bite-sized videos how to harness an eye-opening process called ActivInsight. The Coaching Modules then help you apply ActivInsight with step-by-step guidance to challenges like relationships, parenting, student life, money & success, weight loss, and much more from your laptop or tablet whenever it works best for you.

Become a Black Belt in Resilience

You begin as a White Belt, believing (like most people) that stressors exist and all you can do is manage your stress. As you advance, you'll get clearer on the real dynamics of resilience, seeing for yourself why there are no stressors. You'll break through challenges in your personal life and be surprised to find yourself thinking and feeling differently. But it all starts with our first course, Resilience 101, which permanently changes how you understand stress. Take a look and get started today.

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