Before & After’s

Before-and-after’s are a kind of story that do two important things:

  1. They help you reflect on your life before and after your insight, so you can follow through on what you realized. Apologize, commit, listen harder, send an e-card, lead change. Before-and-after’s nudge you to do this more fully.
  2. They also inspire others. ActivInsight is an internal process. We don’t walk across hot coals or jump out of airplanes. But from your greater insight and peace of mind, real change begins. By sharing your Before-and-After story, you inspire others in our community to do their own worksheets and have their own insights.

Here’s an example of how to do this, capturing both Before and After:

My boyfriend and I had been fighting for 10 months. I always thought he should focus on our relationship more and want to do more things with me as a couple and not just with his friends, and my job was to convince him of this.

Then I worked on “He should prioritize our relationship more”, and I saw all the reasons why in reality that’s not true at this time — what his life looks like through his eyes, the things he’s juggling, how he does prioritize us in his mind, how I’ve been getting angry and judge-y instead of talking with him, and how this makes him want to prioritize us even less. Instead of yelling at him as my enemy, I now see him as my teammate, and we talk through what we both want to do on weekends. It’s crazy how different this is!!! We’ve never been closer, and we now have real tools to build our relationship on.

Whenever you have a big insight, complete a Before-and-After here. We may share it so your story can inspire others.

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