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Is it possible we've completely misunderstood the nature of stress and how to deal with it? Click play to find out.

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How does the resilience academy work?

First, we teach you the truth about where stress REALLY comes from

You'll see how the entire modern stress concept was based on one remarkable scientist's work - and why he was wrong with disastrous consequences on our peace of mind.

Next, you learn a smart new way to have eye-opening breakthroughs in your life

You’ll discover a 7-step process called ActivInsight that transforms challenges with no stigma or “touchy-feeliness” — and see a dramatic example of what it looks like in action

Then you get to try it for yourself, without saying a word or going anywhere

Experience ActivInsight firsthand at no cost, and see why it's been embraced by thousands of leaders at dozens of great companies as a powerful new tool for living a happier life.

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Where did this new approach come from?

Where did the Resilience Academy come from? Who is Andy Bernstein? Watch this video if you're curious to find out...

Hear Andy's story

“I needed practical tactics for changing my behavior. I turned to Andrew Bernstein... How was insight different from just understanding something on an intellectual level? I would soon find out...”

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What if stress doesn't work the way you've been told? Discover a new approach that thousands of people have found "eye-opening" and "profoundly helpful"

Learn the truth about stress