Discover a smart new way to eliminate stress, overcome obstacles, deepen relationships, and live a happier life.

“An excellent introduction to resiliency. If practiced well, it can tremendously reduce the burden of stress at work and home.”

– Johnson & Johnson

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Be The Change

The past few years have taken a toll on our families, our organizations, our sense of America’s future.

The Resilience Academy can help.

Embraced by thousands of leaders at dozens of the world’s best companies, this eye-opening approach can repair relationships, strengthen your marriage, help you be a better parent or leader, and even heal our country — all without your saying a word.

Start by learning where stress really comes from

How can this new approach help you?

What is the Resilience Academy, where did this new approach come from, and how can it make a difference in your life?

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Originally published as The Myth of Stress

“A masterful guide to rethinking the so-called stressors in your life. I’ve never read a more useful book about managing stress — I’ve made it required reading for some of the people who matter most to me.”

– Adam Grant, #1 New York Times bestselling author of THINK AGAIN and host of the TED podcast WorkLife

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It’s not therapy. It’s insight.

The Resilience Academy has helped thousands of people break through issues faster.

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