7 Steps to Less Stress

It’s a new year, and time for a new tool in your stress toolkit.
The Resilience Academy permanently changes how you understand and deal with stress. Watch the video or scroll down to see how it works.

by Andy Bernstein

Covid. Politics. The economy. Discrimination. Parenting during a pandemic. Weight gain. Family conflict.

2020 was a constant convoy of flatbed trucks filled with manure and dumped on your doorstep. But, for those who aren’t completely broken, adversity is also an opportunity to learn and grow, and the Resilience Academy gives you a way to compost that pile of manure and turn it into fertilizer for faster personal growth and deeper peace of mind.

The process you’ll learn on this site doesn’t simply help you “manage” stress or sugar-coat it with positive thinking. It helps you see your challenges from a startlingly different perspective, giving you deeper insight, empathy, and action steps for change, even on issues you may have struggled with for years.

This tool has been embraced by therapists — the founder of cognitive therapy, Dr. Aaron Beck, wrote a strong endorsement — but it’s not therapy. It’s more like a very focused workout for your heart and mind.

There are dozens of mainstream processes that empower you to get in better physical shape. But what about getting in better mental shape?

The Resilience Academy provides you with an enlightening new framework to achieve greater mental fitness and break the stress cycle. The content has been vetted by thousands of skeptical leaders at dozens of the world’s best companies, who appreciate that it works. And now it’s available online so you and the people you care about can learn it too.

It starts with Level 1’s eye-opening training on the real dynamics of stress, why stressors don’t exist, and what matters most for happiness in life based on data. Then you apply this new process to challenges in your life, step-by-step, through your screen, without having to go anywhere or say a word.

If you’re ready to get started learning tools for a happier life, you can begin Level 1 training now.

Or, if you’d like to know where this site came from, it began with two funerals, some Muppets, and a woman with an unusual name.  Click here for the story.

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