“Look out Anthony Robbins, move over Deepak Chopra, there’s a quiet storm moving up through this state and beyond. His name is Andrew Bernstein… He’s an intelligent, calm, and soft-spoken person who uses reason and logic to quiet the mind.”

Vision Magazine

“I needed practical tactics for changing my behavior. I turned to Andrew Bernstein, founder of a process called [ActivInsight]. How was insight different from just understanding something on an intellectual level? I would soon find out… A deep ‘knowingness’ occurs, something that makes it all flow together.”

Samantha Dunn, “The Rescue Reflex,”
O: The Oprah Magazine

“You come away with a healthy respect for the power of your own mind, packing a new set of skills to help you untangle the knots life seems to tie in us.”

Phyllis DeBlanche, “Stretching Your Mind,”
San Diego Magazine

“Bernstein has created a simple yet profound technique for us to question our beliefs and in essence let go of our negative limiting emotions… [ActivInsight] deflates our negative thinking and leads us to a happier, freer existence.”

Ted McDonald, Yogi Times